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Rapid IT Solutions has over 10 years experience in ICT, managing systems and supplying private and government enterprises , our expertise steer our clients through the ever-evolving digital world. We partner and function like an in-house team.

Transparency works in our favour because we believe, winning our client’s trust is the most important aspect of building a sustainable business.

our integrated services


We are Cloud solution designer, as well as digital strategists, marketers and all their support.We implement and solve your requirements.

Virtual Private Servers

Intricate solutions designs and support. Store and share key business data. Safeguard your information and your business

website design

We integrate complex systems, including: native iOS and Android mobile apps; integrations with CRMs, ERPs, payment gateways

Mobile Apps

Our talented team of mobile app developers, UX/UI experts and QA analysts that offer an end-to-end service for designing, developing and testing, beautiful, intuitive and engaging iOS and Android Apps.


Frustrated with your current storage system? Allow one of our agile engineers rescue your storage system and safeguard your data.Achieve desired results with an efficient storage system.Data protection is our game.

3d Printing A/M

Fast growing 3d printing and additive manufacturing companyinJohannesburg.Innovating, collaborating, inventing and reinventing. Constantly looking for new ways to solve unique client challenges

Artificial Intelligence

Human Augmented Artificial Intelligence(HAAI).It all begins with a great idea – we believe in that. But ideas don’t build empires unless it is executed efficiently. In a mobile-first the world, execution translates into having powerful mobile app development based on artificial intelligence technologies and marketing it to a global audience base. Have an Idea? Drop us a line.

Internet of things /Robotics

We are deep rooted in research, design, development, manufacturing, sales, and marketing capabilities to successfully launch an entire portfolio of world-class IoRT robots, including consumer and industrial humanoid robots, enterprise service robots, and STEM skill-building robots for kids at home and classroom robots for education.


Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality.Give your clients a world class experience of your product. Whether it is real estate, training, hospitality or commerce, our team is capable of delivering customized AR/VR applications developed from scratch.Have a project in mind? Drop us a line.

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