3d Modeling Designs

From an idea turning to automation. Recent advances in computer hardware and software are making robotics systems more affordable and user-friendly. 

3d rendering

3D rendering is the process of taking a digital 3D model of an object and creating a highly realistic 2D representation that can be viewed on a screen.

cad design

Computer-assisted drawing and drafting (CAD) technologies have dramatically improved the efficiency and the tools available to drafting engineers

Product Design

Product design and development is the process of transforming an idea into the kind of great product that consumers experience. 

CNC Machining

Subtractive CNC machining is a computer operated process,where a blank is machined to produce a finished part(Metal, Aluminium e.t.c.)

Robotic Process Automation

 RPA is a form of business process automation is developing a framework to define a set of instructions for a robot to perform.


Robotics learning is changing the way people and manufacturers program, deploy, and reprogram their robots. Developed in C++ and Python IDE and IDLE .

3d design Printing

3D printing provides the capability to produce parts and products with additive manufacturing(AD) with complex geometries.

Rigging & Construction
Robot rigging provides both function and to sleek machines that are aesthetically pleasing and ultrafunctional.